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A person you have a friendship with that involves the two (or possibly more) friends having sex with each other. Sometimes known as a booty call or friends with benefits having your own F buddy nearby can save you a lots of time spent lending yourself a hand like this lonely guy.

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YES!!!! Any able-bodied man, woman, trans, and barely legal teenager 18+ who really wants one can find a sexual friendship, often called a fuckship, with a willing participant nearby. We will hook you up with women, men, and trans mates living around the USA and the entire world who want more than a one-night-stand but less than a fully-commited-relationship and the insane amount of drama that goes along with it.

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Online! Yes online hookup sites and adult apps are THE NUMBER ONE WAY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE these days. If you are not meeting people in some way, shape, or form on the internet you just aren't using the world wide web properly. Sex was, is, and ALWAYS will be the reason why we all get to have fun and play around online.... And do it all anonymously too! Speaking of which we found the best dating sites for singles seeking sex so you should be able to meet friends with benefits who will gladly fuck you buddy!

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